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Ken Ives has been our Real Estate agent for 35 years which included 7 real estate transactions. His patience, knowledge and compassion for the sale of these houses went above and beyond what one would expect from a Real Estate agent. The transactions were completed with not only the knowledge Mr. Ives had of houses for sale meeting our needs, but with impeccable information regarding the financial costs of buying and selling our homes. I would and have recommended Mr. Ives to many friends that want an honest, knowledgeable and patient Real Estate agent. We cannot thank Mr. Ives enough for all that he has done for us. Moving is personal, challenging and stressful, but with an agent such as Mr. Ives, these areas are manageable. Even though we are now relocated to Florida, we will not stop recommending Mr. Ives to our family and friends in Michigan.

Doug and Mary Wilcox